Website Launch: Books That Shook Us 


Join me in celebrating Women’s History Month with the launch of a new website! Several months ago I founded Litsy Feminist Book Club on the Litsy app, and this is our latest project. My co-hosts Rachel Mans McKennyStacie C., and I have been working really hard on this, and we’re so excited to finally share it with you!

From our website:

Books that Shook Us is a project started by the Litsy Feminist Book Club. Our goal is to review and share books that create positive social awareness and action—and to have fun. Essays on this site might be serious or silly, but hopefully they get at the kind of truth only found in fiction (and poetry and non-fiction essays and plays.)

To celebrate Women’s History Month and our launch, we’ll be doing three giveaways this month. Our first one is up right now, and you can find details on our Twitter or Litsy (@litsyfeministbookclub) pages. Eventually, we’ll have an Instagram and Goodreads page up, too.

Most importantly, we want to share our combined passions of social justice, positive activism, and reading with you. We’re currently taking submissions of personal essays about the books that shook you. You can check out the guidelines for submissions on our website via the link above.

Now that this project is public, I can get back to my regularly scheduled blogging. I hope you’ll follow us on our website and Litsy, where we post daily about social justice. The discussion of our February book—The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander—will be March 10-15!



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