The Book Feminist Blog Launch

“Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can also be used to empower and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken dignity.” —Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Thanks so much for finding your way to my blog!

I plan for this to be a space that promotes great books and brings awareness to social justice causes around the world. Reading is one of the best ways to promote empathy, and it’s my vision that if we all read books by authors from diverse backgrounds and about diverse issues, this world would be a better, or at least more empathetic, place.

I am an intersectional feminist. What does this mean? It means that I will always do my best to be as inclusive as possible in my book reviews and posts. I promote feminism that is inclusive of people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, social and economic backgrounds, physical and mental disabilities, religions, countries, cultures, and any other background you can think of. I believe that feminism uplifts everyone in society, not simply women.

This also means that I will do my best to make this a safe space for all who visit, and that I will not tolerate disrespectful, offensive, or hateful comments that will harm the nature of this safe space. From time to time, I may make mistakes since I am only human. Please know this is never intentional, and please let me know so I can fix it.

I will post a mixture of book reviews and educational content to supplement the books I read, including background information and further reading. I also plan to post articles related to feminism and social justice with a heavy focus on books to help gain social literacy and awareness. I am a big supporter of self-education and learning through diverse reading.

I welcome suggestions for what types of content you would like to see on this blog. Everyone has a story, and I would love to share and promote it. I would love for this blog to become an educational resource for visitors where we can learn from each other while discussing books and current issues.

Will you join me?



    1. Thank you! I love Litsy tons & love reading your posts, too. Excited to start a blog & actually follow yours now!


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